Casey Gerald Speech

A great speech: I’m glad that I listened to Casey Gerald’s 17 minute commencement address at Harvard Business School on YouTube. He speaks about how he was influenced by a lawyer at Yale who say that if you want to change the world in the 21st century, get an MBA. I was moved by the comments about how we can act individually, right here, right now, to make a difference. The concept of “dream depression” that ties so many Americans together now is invaluable.

“For if all we have learned here are Four Ps, and Five Forces and Six Sigma, we will prove William Faulkner right, that we labor under a curse, that we live not for love but for lust, for defeats in which nobody loses anything of value, for victories without hope, and worst of all without pity or compassion, that our griefs grieve on no universal bones, leaving no scars, that we live not from the heart but from the glands.”

Godspeed Casey in your new venture!



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