2021 New Jersey election: what it means for our small rural depressed communities

30 days from today is the New Jersey election. The anti-incumbent feeling is strong, as usual, but not strong enough to really make a difference.

I’ve come to conclude over the years, sadly, that almost nothing at state level elections has much impact on our lives locally in rural South Jersey. Many of our local local politicians have said the same thing. We have local representation in the Green Party candidates but, again, what difference does that make in our lives? I’m certainly not knocking Green Party activism in general, just specifically questioning what impact this has on an election. The outcome of the state level election has never been in question and, sadly, that means little to us in rural depressed South Jersey.

At the Cumberland County level we have a great challenger candidate. I don’t expect change although we certainly could benefit from change and I support change.

At the Downe Township level (the state’s most rural community) there are two great candidates challenging a long time politician with a troubled history. I spoke with each of the candidates individually and urged them to consider making a decision to run one or the other, but not both, against the incumbent. They ignored that advice and are both running as independents against the Republican incumbent. That mathematically hurts them and frustrates me.

Disclosure: I made modest financial contributions directly and through a PAC and contributed my time serving as campaign committee treasurer to some candidates mentioned in this election.