DACA facts

An average DACA recipient is now 26 years old and came to the US at age six so they have no other roots or foreign ties outside of their life in the U.S for the past 20 years.

91% of them are employed and pay the same US wage taxes without receiving the benefits that cover other workers (eligibility for social security, disability and health benefits).

100% have no criminal record (a requirement for the program) and they pay the federal government $500 to renew every 2 years which brings in $800M in additional federal revenue.


3 responses to “DACA facts”

  1. Three things I learned about DACA in the past 24 hours: 1) Republican lawmakers’ primary objection with the law is that it was implemented by Obama without their approval, 2) even some hard core Trump supporters acknowledge that he is wrong on this decision, and 3) people who say they support ending DACA appear to be ignorant about its most basic facts.

  2. How about some basic facts… 25% or more have American born children. Let’s look at the data in “tax dollars” those children cost the USA. Who funded their medical? Who funds their education? The DACA parent working for low wages, with child tax credits? How about some more facts…on education? Like the fact that the majority have less than a college degree, with a large percentage having only a high school education. Any education was an expense to the taxpayer.

  3. I presume that you feel that some people have a greater right to the benefits you list in this comment than other persons based on immigration status? A shameful attitude IMO.

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