Democrat or Republican: still a dangerous fraudster

Fundraising letter from Jeff Van Drew, January 15, 2020

I supported Van Drew back when Trump was a Democrat fraudster. Now Trump’s a much more dangerous Republican fraudster. Fraud is still fraud. This is not about party politics.

Dear Congressman Van Drew:

You wrote in a fundraising letter that we “are fixated on one thing and one thing only. Bringing down Donald Trump. I want no part of it.”

Yes, we are still focused on bringing down Donald Trump as our #1 priority now that the stakes are much higher. The fact that he is an opportunist who switched political parties to become a Republican does not change his dangerous criminal nature. It simply means that he now appeals to a larger group of Republican voters. Trump remains the biggest threat to civilized life as we cherish it. The Trump scandals that once plagued our region now plague the nation and the world. There is simply no way to overstate the current crisis.

You knew that we were fixated on bringing down Donald Trump for all those years in office, even when he was just a Democratic lowlife criminal fraudster in Atlantic City, in the same political party as you were. You confirmed our common goal against this mobster many times over the years. You know how many small businesses in you district were cheated by this man.

As president of a remodelers industry association, I expressed the concern of our member businesses that state government was too lax in its investigation of Trump’s many crimes. Undoubtedly you saw the pain and suffering of our South Jersey communities when he forced small businesses to close under debt because Trump would not pay for contract work performed. I remember sharing with you a tragic story of a neighbor, a family in Ocean City, who lost their small business and their home to a Trump fraud. Their marriage failed under the stress. It pained me to see the mother trying to hold the family together without adequate income to survive while Trump continued his privileged life. The last I heard, after they were unable to collect on the court’s award against a Trump in the fraud case, the man became despondent and turned to alcohol. But I still see the faces of those newly homeless children in my mind – kids who played with my kids – and I cannot rest until this man is stopped.

I was a Republican for all those years that I supported you but I could not continue to associate and support a party that allowed this bum into a position of power. I stood up for my core values and left the Republican Party after Trump’s inauguration.

This is not about party politics. Back when Trump was a Democrat and the small business contractors he ripped off were mostly Republicans, that might have been the case, but not anymore. This is now about truth and facts. This is about all the families in South Jersey that he ruined with his greed and grift. I supported you because I thought that you supported in these same values. It is sad that we know now that is not the truth.


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