Effect of election on NJ small businesses

New Jersey is now the seventh state where Democrats control both the executive and legislative branches. What does that mean for us with small businesses here? This is more than just a local wall against trumpism. It directly translates to increased tension and a lack of coöperation between the federal and state government. The news headlines in this area will likely be dominated by coverage of a series of retaliatory actions and lawsuits to come between federal and NJ government.

I expect that both my accounting/employee benefits practice and seafood business will be affected but I don’t have a forecast on the specific outcome on key issues. Critical tension points for me are: 1)  coördination of interstate sea level rise response as building codes evoolve, 2) the opening of interstate insurance markets and 3) federal funding for Delaware Bay aquaculture development. All three might be hampered by last might’s election. Climate-related issues remain our #1 largest long-term challenge whether we officially recognize it or not.

Business people and neighbors often say “Maybe Trump will help you get rid of some of this regulation that is holding us back”. They don’t consider that the state and not the federal government controls almost every law that impacts my business and community,

All I can do is continue to push forward with a common sense agenda. But more than anything else, I expect more government gridlock.

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