Everything you want to know about LLCs



I am creating a series of short video blog posts on Limited Liability Companies. This page is in development stage and will be published ‘piecemeal’ as content is created.

  1. What is an LLC?
  2. Is an LLC an entity?
  3. What is a “disregarded entity” LLC?
  4. Why does government sometimes refuse to recognize my LLC?
  5. Why does a private company refuse to recognize my LLC?
  6. Why does a court ignore my LLC?
  7. What an LLC is not
  8. IRS and LLCs
  9. Why form an LLC? Name
  10. Why form an LLC? Protection
  11. Why form an LLC? Nesting
  12. Why form an LLC? Anonymity
  13. Why form an LLC? “to save on taxes”
  14. Why form an LLC? Avoid payroll accounting
  15. Why form an LLC? Avoid workers compensation requirements
  16. How to form an LLC?
  17. How to form an LLC as a business?
  18. Where can I form an LLC?
  19. Why are some states more popular choices for LLCs?
  20. Is an LLC the same as a corporation?
  21. Does an LLC protect its members from excess liability?
  22. When are LLC members not protected from liability?
  23. What special considerations affect LLCs with family members?
  24. Can an LLC operate under multiple names, brands or trademarks?
  25. Who can form an LLC?
  26. Do I need an attorney to form an LLC?
  27. When an accountant forms an LLC, is this unauthorized practice of law?
  28. What is a registered agent?
  29. Do I need a registered agent?
  30. How much does a registered agent cost?
  31. Can I use my registered agent as the business address?
  32. Can I use an address in a different state than where my LLC is filed?
  33. What is an authorized representative?
  34. Does an LLC need to have meetings of the board of directors?
  35. Does an LLC need to have articles of organization, articles of incorporation or articles of association?
  36. Does an LLC need to have bylaws?
  37. Does an LLC need to file an annual report?
  38. Does an LLC need to disclose the names of all of its members?
  39. Does an LLC need to report a change in ownership?
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