Five simple tweets to defeat this terrible tax reform bill

Americans have an opportunity this week show that  a strong majority of us are united in opposing this scam deceivingly labeled the labeled the “Tax Cuts and Job Act” by influencing the vote of a few swing vote Republican Senators. I described this in more detail in earlier blog posts. The points below mention just a few of the many reasons that some Republicans oppose the tax bill. The National Review just covered this topic in more detail focusing on why fiscally conservative Republicans also oppose the bill. At this point, all that is left for Americans is to support at least three Republican Senators in voting “NO” to the bill. There is no easier way to do that than with a Tweet expressing your concern.

Just click the Twitter post template link below that most appeals to your reason for objecting. Of course, you can modify the wording any way you like. The important point is the make your voice heard in one of the easiest and most effective ways available to the few people who can actually make a difference to preserve America’s financial and economic integrity.

Credit for the first two suggested Tweets goes to Forbes Magazine. If you have any that you’d like to share, please include me @tonynovak.


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