Yesterday a business associate called me a racist online. It’s a first in 30+ years of published social activism that began with opinion pieces published as a college newspaper columnist and editor. I replied that I think all of us are predisposed to racial bias in our environment. I am quite aware of this bias in my life. The difference is how we respond to this bias through critical examination of our own thinking and taking individual affirmative actions to address deficiencies. My critic disagreed.

Yet as much as I champion equal opportunity for all people regardless of where you were born or what you look like, the fact remains that there are many real barriers to equality today. Many would say those barriers grew within the last month.

This morning  I declined an invitation to do business with a firm solely on the observation that the firm’s principal and staff members are not English-speaking natives. In the past, I have found it too difficult to communicate with them on complex business discussions. So now I reject the premise outright. Yes, this is racism and bigotry. I admit it, and move on to bigger battles.

If you’ve read this far, you may want to know that there is another purpose to this post. I am testing the readership of social activism posts against my business communication posts in the new post-election environment. Essentially, I am evaluating the premise that “all publicity is good publicity” doesn’t hold true for a small business adviser.


One response to “I am a racist”

  1. Do I really need to comment. I can bet you can guess how I would respond to ht type of an accusation, and it wouldn’t be pretty. Time to forget about the politically correct bullshit and be yourself. None of us are perfect, and we are all entitled to retain our own preconceived notions and knee jerk reactions about certain groups or types of people.

    What matters is what you do when you recognize it and self correct. If you are truly worried about this you have too much time on your hands. I am quite willing to be judged based upon what I do day to day and not what I say in response to a “test” like this one.

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