Legal advice by an accountant

Avoiding the unauthorized practice of law

I have added this clause to all engagement agreements for clarity on making distinction on the issue of authorized and unauthorized practice of law.

Legal advice

Advice regarding business strategies may involve an application of general principles of business law but my services do not extend to the actual practice of law. I am not a lawyer. I am not offering legal advice. You should consult with your own lawyer for legal advice. I can generally provide the following services as part of an engagement that are not considered the practice of law:
1) Reading your legal documents.
2) Sharing sample legal documents and discussing how these samples might be useful.
3) Sharing redacted examples of other business’ legal documents and discussing their use.
4) Selling legal forms.
5) Filling in the blanks on a legal form.
6) Apply a general knowledge about the law to a problem arising in my field.
7) Employee benefits practice.
8) Preparation of business formation documents.
9) Tax returns.
10) Preparation of documents where I expect to be a principal in the transaction.

The belief and intent of the effect of observing these distinctions is that I will avoid the unauthorized practice of law and you will be properly advised to seek legal advice when needed.


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