Philadelphia Folk Festival Checklist

This is me at last year’s festival well organized for the oppressive heat and drenching rain that would soon follow shortly after this photo was taken.

Over the years I’ve put together this checklist based on experience, mostly learned the hard way, and am posting it here today – on this 50th anniversary of Woodstock and 58th launch of the Philadelphia Folk Festival – in the event that someone else might find it useful. As I approach 60 and celebrate the ability to attend the fest with my daughter, I realize that staying comfortable in the extremes of weather is the key to enjoying the weekend. We live close enough to drive each day but still, it is a 15+ hour event from home to home. I notice that my list evolves over time with changing demands for comfort and advances in technology. Having a checklist makes this task easy for next year.

  • sunblock
  • sunglasses
  • sun hat
  • reading glasses
  • phone
  • extra battery, fully charged and with cord
  • dry socks, underwear and washcloth in a ziplock baggie 
  • change of clothes for evening (sweatshirt and jeans)
  • wallet
  • ibuprofen, tooth floss and disposable toothbrush
  • chairs with backpack pouch
  • blanket (in carry bag)
  • 2 tarps (one for ground and one overtop in rain)
  • rain hat
  • raincoat
  • water bottle
  • camera (telephoto lens captures much better memories than a phone)


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