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Metropolitan Philadelphia is a wonderful place thanks to the people committed to seeing it strengthen and improve. We cover parts of three states where the Delaware River flows into the Bay; a crucially important inflection point for our country’s history and its future. I’ve lived here in this Delaware Valley region from the northwestern suburbs to the Main Line to the South Jersey shore my entire life, now approaching 60 years. My career focus, for all the past 32 years, has been raising and supporting small businesses and nonprofits in our region. I’ve been blessed along the way to meet many inspiring small business leaders.

One such inspiration comes from Stan Pokras and his project WikiDelphia is an ambitious project, now reaching critical mass with over 2,000 high quality entries. Many of my small business peers, like the members of Powermatch group, are already represented among those wiki entries. I love that this is a crowd-sourced project with a passionate and dedicated leader in Stan. But here’s the best part: your business and organization listing is free. Unlike other listing organizations (Yelp), you won’t be arm-twisted into financial support later. Organizations I represent already listed on the site include Baysave, TonyNovak CPA, Money Island Marina and @potCPA. Many of my small business clients and associated are also already listed.

One exciting feature of wikis is their ability to play the role as host platform for societal change. One exciting example is the growing body of information surrounding the emerging public banking. If you aren’t familiar, public banking may be a concept well worth your time to learn. The topic is exciting to me for several reasons, including Baysave’s recent expansion into building a non-cash investment company through Nantuxent corporation. We are referring to it as “the investment company for people without money to invest”. More on that later; including a future entry on that introduces the new and transformative thinking. You won’t find this stuff on mainstream media news or in your social media feed.

Like all crowd-sourced projects, wikis only work if people get involved. It takes a little learning and practice to become competent in wiki protocol if you haven’t used it before. I suggest that a half-hour spent on is way more meaningful and useful than the same time scrolling Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram. This is high quality useful information about the region we call home.

Thank you Stan and thank you users!


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