My most popular articles in January 2015

All five most of my most popular articles on LinkedIn Pulse for the month of January 2015 were actually published in December. That seems odd given the short-lived value of the type of news-related consumer finance topics  and commentary that I typically cover. I notice that the top four are direct commentaries on current events reported in the news on the same week as my story. This delayed readership might mean that there is a “ramp up time” for some publications to make the rounds of social media readership or it might mean that the January topics were not of interest to as large an audience. Either explanation seems plausible. I will follow the topic for more insight over the next month. Additionally, I will compare these results to what we see for articles published on platforms other than LinkedIn Pulse.

The top five, in order, were:

  1. Startling news about consumer medical debt – covering a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announcement
  2. Top 5 mistakes small business owners make in response to the Affordable Care Act – covering various IRS and DOL publications
  3. Tax preparers should be scared – covering the IRS Commissioner’s statement
  4. Two years after Sandy many are still suffering – covering 2 year anniversary of Sandy
  5. The other half of the health care solutionthe emergence of alternative health coverage

Outside of LinkedIn, my top most read article in terms of web page visits during January 2015 is a technical advice piece titled “Form 1099 tax reporting of health insurance premiums“. This is because of the time of year (1099 filing season) and the fact that few other information sources exist on this topic. The second-most-read was “Top ten easy tax shelters” at  that is a favorite month after month regardless of the season.


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