My most popular tax planning blog posts in December 2016

I had four tax planning blog posts draw more than 200 unique viewers in the month of December 2016. The average number of viewers is about 50 for the total pool of 38 blog posts I made last month so the 200 viewer figure is statistically significant as an indicator that something is working better than my usual marketing shtick.

By far the most popular post with almost 500 views was “Two changes to tax preparation fees for 2016“. I suspect that the readers were primarily accountants. The post was announced through a forum exclusive to tax professionals.

The second most popular with 257 views was a political opinion piece against corporate welfare titled “Trump launches fleecing of taxpayers“. That story drew a call from a reporter who asked about the data source as the details were slow to emerge in that story. I had happened to stumble onto an obscure statement from one of the disgruntled union leaders that was not yet part of the mainstream story. The title is intentionally provocative but that did not draw any comment.

The third with 229 views was “Trends in home ownership” that looks at the difficulties many have in buying a home today and what that means to our overall financial security. I am quite concerned about the impact of proposed tax reforms on the future of home ownership for working class Americans. This post brought the most discussion when shared on Facebook.

The fourth most popular with 201 views was a narrated Powerpoint presentation titled “Building a better small business health plan“. I hesitate to list it here because it is not very good. It is my first attempt at a multimedia presentation this year and it is, bluntly, a 7 1/2 minute snoozer. But in the spirit of “done is the engine of more”, I list it anyway. I plan to produce a better and shorter multi-media piece in January.

My biggest surprise and disappointment in the area of web traffic was that a well-written and timely short article published on LinkedIn titled “Two important small business tax changes for 2017” that received only 27 views. I don’t know if this reflects a weakness in the platform/exposure or is a direct comment on the lack of interest in the topic itself. But I still haven’t seen another article on 2017 business tax changes written so concisely.


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