New Jersey political forecast 2020

Political forecasting is an important part of effective small business strategic management. This is a digest of the latest Politico “New Jersey Playbook” published Thursday 4/23 reporting on the latest Monmouth University statewide poll results:


It looks like New Jersey will be legalizing marijuana. 61% in favor, 34% opposed.


Biden leads Trump by 16 points statewide. Booker is solidly supported for re-election against any of the opponents.


Democrats will have difficulty winning in the four competitive congressional districts in South Jersey this fall. Current polling show a collective statistical dead heat in these districts. This is significantly less Democratic support than in 2018 polls. All five South Jersey districts are vulnerable to go to Republican congressional representatives. South Jersey traditionally under-served in terms of state and federal funding. The risk is that with local representatives in the minority at both the state and US House level, we will have an even more difficult time getting government funding that is critical to my clients.


The poll shows that Republicans may have a harder time holding on to traditionally safe seats during this presidential year because of anti-Trump sentiment.

This news is consistent with other information and confirms my conclusion that the most effective use of my time is supporting voter registration and mail-in ballot option education in South Jersey.

I also expect to support some southern New Jersey candidates as the certified campaign treasurer or as a consulting accountant.


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