New small business support network announcement

NEW FREELANCERS SUPPORT NETWORK IN FORMATION – I am forming a peer-to-peer freelancers support network that is intended to be a closed membership online group of self-employed people whose primary focus and commitment is to help each other in business by sharing information, advice and expertise on an ongoing basis as needed. The atmosphere is intended to be the same as if all were working within the same company. Members of the group have the right to make requests of others and have a reasonable expectation that other members will offer assistance if feasible within their area of expertise. Discussions among members are private within the group. Invitations to new members are by nomination and acceptance of a majority of the members. The proposed platform is Google Hangouts. This should be viewed as a joint business venture and not a networking group.

This is an online group so geography is not important. People skills, attitude and technical competency are key.

If you have any interest in this project, please let me know.


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