Our immediate response plan

The world we knew changed in a flash. I’ve retooled my work to focus 100% on response to the effects of this shutdown issue. Crisis management strategy is something many have not dealt with before. Having lived though years of another devastating crisis and spent countless hours on strategic recovery for my own business and many others, I hope to make a positive contribution now.

The reality is that far more people will be bankrupted and face depression in this crisis than will physically face serious medical issues. The immediate goal is to help these neighbors for at least the next two months.

My own efforts will have three main thrusts, all three launched over the weekend:

1) Revise communications and social messaging to provide positive leadership, paying special attention to unintended effects.

2) Focus my work on helping other businesses with strategic response, using lessons learned from our Superstorm Sandy era experience.

3) Work with a local charity (Baysave) to provide neighbors with a safe and fulfilling way to be productive, restore their sense of mental health, build strength, community connections and resiliency.


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