I’ve written often about the fast-paced evolution of consumer finance software. In summary, our best programmers and artificial intelligence resources are focusing on this field for a number of reasons and consumers stand to gain. he field is highly competitive and exected to continue to evolve so that the value of product reviews like this are likely short-lived. For that reason I’ll keep it short and focused on big issues.

Trim’s primary focus is to save you money on financial outlays: insurance, utilities, unwanted subscriptions and recurring bank charges.

The latest product I’ve looked at is Trim (www.asktrim.com). The platform is free and proposed to help consumers active savings in financial outlays. There best achievement to date “we’ve saved our users millions of dollars by automating little pieces of their day-to-day finances“. This is certainly a notable achievement and based on limited use, I have no reason to doubt that these results were achieved.

Here’s the problem: Trim admits that “we started with the easy stuff” and that “now we’re starting to work on the hard stuff”. The problem is that they haven’t moved too far beyond the easy stuff yet. For example, only the nation’s largest banks are integrated. If you use a local credit union, as I do, then this platform won’t work for you. The auto insurance shopping helper only listed 4 of the nation’s largest health insurance companies.

Trim isn’t ready to help me yet. So why write this review? Because this is the future and it helps to be aware that it’s on the way.



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