Referral fee for 2017 tax season

This year I am offering  $50 referral fee to existing clients for new small business clients including ‘gig workers’ who are required to file a Schedule C. A $50 discount is also given to the referred new client. For individual tax clients, the deal is the same except the reward if $25 for the referer and a $25 discount to the referred client. This is a printout of the postcard advertisement prepared for me by a tax industry marketing firm for this purpose.1


1 This referral fee program is available to existing clients and applies to the 2017 tax filing season running from January to April 2018. The language on the advertisement was written by another marketing firm and offered to independent accountants. At the suggestion of another CPA who suggest that the advertisement may violate Circular 230, Sec. 10.30(a)(1) or possibly Sec. 10.51, I am having it reviewed by my own legal counsel and forwarding the concern to the firm that produced the advertisement.


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