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Sometimes we receive requests for price quotes prior to meeting or discussing your service needs. Let’s be clear about this: this is a lousy way to start a relationship with an intended most trusted financial advisor.

We have a business policy to decline to offer service to people who ask about price first prior to asking about any other substantive issue.

We understand this behavior is not your fault. The business world conditions you to ask for a quote. That’s what you do if shopping for a car or contractor. It just doesn’t work so well for an accountant. This web page is meant to avoid embarrassment and offer an opportunity to try a better approach.

  • I offer a no-obligation discussion or meeting. The purpose is to see if we are a good fit. That will lead to a better response to your inquiry. Just use the blue box on any page of the web site that says “Let’s Talk” to schedule a convenient time. I look forward to the opportunity to earn about your situation.
  • Pricing is transparent and published online at at tonynovak.com/pricing. So, if all you want is a price quote, you can get it from the minimum fee published. Without knowing anything more about you, it would be silly to quote more than the minimum client fee.

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