Rest in power @1pissedPolack

Amy Jean Wojtaszek, age 44, of Aberdeen, Maryland died this past weekend. I knew her only on Twitter as @1pissedPolack where she was a powerful activist with over 44,000 followers. I was just one of them, often amazed by her world view. But I actually cried when I read a eulogy that said “rest in power”.

@1pissedPolack was witty, insightful, compassionate and an inspiration to so many. Her last posts came from an Urgent Care center where she reported that she was unaware of what an ‘elevated hemidiaphragm’ meant:

“At Urgent Care there was a white guy and Hispanic couple in front of me. The white guy asks the Hispanic couple “So where are you from?” my eyes rolled into my head. The Hispanic guy replied “Arizona”. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh, slap the guy or apologize for all white ppl.”

I’ll miss you.

#resist like your life depends on it.


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