Revisiting CRM for sole practitioner

It is time for me to revisit the topic of Client Relationship Management systems. I put together notes here in 2014 and in 2012 for the NJCPA.  I am looking for a CRM that is well-suited for a sole practitioner CPA practice.

I’ve been using Pipedrive and there are many things I like about it. Price and simplicity are near the top. But I am frustrated with a few issues: a) lack of Microsoft Office platform integration, b) the sales process focus vs. a project management and long term relationship management that I need.

Of course it has to be multi-platform and cloud-based. It would also be great if a CRM tied into QuickBooks, Ringcentral, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, etc.

Update: Since the original date of this blog post Pipedrive added integration with integration with Microsoft, including Outlook, my primary contact manager, and this opened to door to secondary integration with other software.


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