This month of September 2019 was one of the most productive I’ve had in decades of small business.

I helped launch (or re-launch) five new businesses. Three of them are nonprofits. One is already a financially “profitable” nonprofit so the tax and social benefit impact is impressive. I’ve proven that by offering free assistance to small start-up nonprofits I can establish myself as a “go to” resource in other situations.

Much effort was put into building resources to support New Jersey Agriculture, fisheries and related industries. These small businesses are underserved. Some have serious ongoing issues dealing with taxes and government.

As we all face the far-reaching effects of the exploding cannabis industry, I’ve discovered that my niche is not in serving the small number of legal licensees, but rather in helping the 90% or more in the cannabis industry who are either license wannabes or who will ultimately choose to remain unlicensed. Yes, that means working with illegals and helping them look for sustainable solutions. Get over it.

Finally, I’m committed to transforming from typed marketing communication media ( like this blog post) to video-based content. The learning process is moving more slowly than I hoped. The challenge is not in producing quality content, but in producing that content with low/manageable investment of time and money.


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