Shocking Legislative Scam Proposed by Senators; Endorsed by President

Is is shocking and horrifying to read that 48 United States Republican Senators and the president of the United States have pledged their vote to a secret proposed legislative scam known as the ‘Graham-Cassidy bill’ that:

  • They have not seen or read
  • Is not available in written form for public review
  • Can only be passed if the details are kept secret from the public
  • Can only be passed in the next ten days
  • Has not been reviewed by the Congressional Budget Office
  • Slashes funding for Medicare and Medicaid
  • Removes protections for pre-existing medical conditions
  • Would allow insurance companies to charge surcharges that the insurers say could be $50,000 per year
  • Would create chaos for Americans with 50 new sets of health care laws
  • Would encourage consumer fraud from “forum shopping” like we had prior to ACA since every state’s laws would be different
  • Caused the cancellation of productive bi-partisan health care reform planning work
  • Would be devastating to the core group of Trump supporters
  • Is supported by a group of about 15 Republican governors eager to grab health care money from the federal government
  • Can best be described as a last minute ‘hail Mary’ political move by the Republican party

Health care law is literally a matter of life and death for millions of Americans. It controls about 17% of the US economy. Rushing a secret bill through Congress in the next ten days that the large portion of Americans clearly do not support would be a shameful breach of public trust and abuse of power by our government.

America desperately needs health care reform. This is clearly not the way to accomplish it.


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  1. Barbara B. Avatar
    Barbara B.

    The GOP are traitors to our country. Americans deserve excellent health care insurance at affordable rates.

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