The lowest common denominator Obamacare repeal and replacement plan is said to get rid of the "O" and keep the "bamacare".  It is specifically designed as the most likely health care bill that could gain the support of the required 5o Republican senators. It is called "skinny repeal" because it would only repeal the requirement that individuals have insurance and repeal the requirement that employers provide insurance. The bill also repeals tax on medical devices. All other provisions of ACA would stay in place including subsidies and Medicaid expansion , as would the ACA’s insurance regulations, including protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

The bill would allow Republicans to claim that they fulfilled their campaign promise of "repeal and replace".

The effect of this bill would be that more insurance companies would pullout of the exchanges due to adverse selection of risks, more people would be uninsured without fear of tax penalty and federal tax revenue would decline without the shared responsibility payments. Insurers estimate that a skinny appeal approach would result in an immediate increase of 20% as younger healthier people drop out of insurance plans.

The skipy repeal bill – the only option now available to Republican Senators – would increase our nation's health care finance problems without offering any solutions.


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