Social media notification overload

Let’s say that you use social media to promote your business brand as most of us do today; let’s say you typically check in these sites a few times a day and – wham, you are smacked with notification overload! You find 57 notifications since you last log on, most of them completely meaningless. Yet there may be a few relevant or important to your business, so you feel a need to wade through them. This is no easy task considering the technical design and screen formatting of the notification panels. They almost seem designed deliberately to make the task difficult and more time consuming.

How do you sort through all these in an efficient and timely manner without disrupting the rest of your work flow? How can you be sure not to miss any important notifications like a new business request (this has been a problem for me lately)? Why does Facebook consider it necessary to notify you of every visitor who clicks a “like” button on every post? Who decided that it was a good idea for LinkedIn to notify you whenever one of your contacts has a birthday or work anniversary? It almost seems like these sites are setting a trap to kill work time efficiency with notification overload. As far as I know, the meaningless notifications (“likes”, birthdays, anniversaries) can not be turned off or separated from the more important notifications (business inquiries).

I’ve asked around for suggestions but have few responses so far. Maybe this post will help.


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