Support for NJ minimum wage bill

Update: Thanks to all who supported this effort over the last several years. The $15 minimum wage proposal is now law in New Jersey.

I took time this morning to write to the nine members of the NJ Assembly Labor Committee plus our own two Assemblymen and a local Chamber of Commerce that opposes the minimum wage bill (A-15, Coughlin), right now. I hope that some of its small business member can see the light. I’ve personally been a supporter of a $15 minimum wage for years. Yes, it is tough on our small businesses. Yet it effectively takes money out of the hands of higher income people and distributes it to lower-income workers. This addresses one of our society’s greatest problems: the widening gap in wage and income inequality. Once we get past the pain of implementation of this measure, we will have a more stable community and more healthy economy because of it.

The Committee members with email links:

Assemblyman Joseph Egan – Chair
Assemblywoman Valerie Vanieri Huttle – Vice Chair
Assemblyman Robert Auth
Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling
Assemblyman Paul Moriarty
Assemblyman Parker Space
Assemblywoman Shavonda Sumter
Assemblyman Anthony Verrelli
Assemblyman Harold Wirths

voicing support for NJ minimum wage bill
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