New Jersey’s TrumpCare Nullification Act

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On Thursday, the same day that 15 Republican US Senators unveiled a secret proposal to modify federal health care taxes, legislators in New Jersey filed a bill to nullify the effects of that possible change. The bill is known as the “TrumpCare Nullification Act” by creating the New Jersey Affordable Health Care Fund. Details are […]

The effect of age-based health insurance

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Years ago, in the 1990s and before, health insurance pricing was based on location, health history, sex and age. Young people paid, on average, 1/5 the amount paid by older people. Women generally paid more than men. Fewer choices were available to people with pre-existing medical conditions. Obamacare changed that in 2010. Since then, everyone in […]

Winners and losers under Trumpcare

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Who gains and who loses under the “World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017“? This is my checklist so far: Winners Upper income people under age 50 who will benefit more from the new tax credit Healthy people who do not believe that they should be required to buy insurance because the high premium cost pays for care […]