Testing small business social media marketing message for CPA/benefits practice

Today I plan to test this new social media marketing message on a sample of my small business owner connections. It is meant to incorporate the components of the advice I’m reading lately on how to do this type of social media marketing. I deliberately tried to include an immediacy point, a focus on the reader, a pain point , a “what’s in it for me?” offer and a specific suggested response. Any suggestions on how to make it better?

“Dear ___:
We are both involved in _____ where I see your posted comments and online business profile.

This month marks the beginning of enforcement of Affordable Care Act compliance for small business owners. I’ve noticed that many owners like you are finding that their accountants and other advisers did not adequately prepare them or are not able to offer effective solutions. Even within online discussion groups and adviser peers, I find that that many just haven’t taken the time to become familiar with the specific strategies available to solve ACA-related challenges for small businesses.

If you feel uncomfortable with the condition of your firm’s employee benefit plans, I would be pleased to offer a no-fee consultation to discuss your concerns and hopefully begin to list some possible solutions. Just let me know you want to talk and I will send a list of open appointment times so that we can talk when it it most convenient for you.

Tony Novak, MBA. MT
Certified Public Accountant
Freedom Benefits
Direct Tel (610) 572-1724″

Once I have a measurable response, I’ll post a follow-up with the results.


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