The good news/bad news for New Jersey workers on Trump’s health care cuts

Here are six key points for New Jersey workers following the 10/12/2017 Trump executive order on health care:

  1. Only 150,000 of the 9 million New Jersey residents, less than 2 percent of the state population, are affected by the Trump health care cut, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.
  2. New Jersey does not currently have short term medical insurance or mini-med insurance plans that are popular in Pennsylvania and Delaware. We don’t know when or if that will change.
  3. New Jersey’s next Governor apparent Phil Murphy says that he will pick an Attorney General who will join the multi-state lawsuit against Trump for cutting the health subsidies.
  4. Key spokespersons for the various New Jersey health insurance industry associations confirmed that insurers in the state are working on offering new options that fit the lower cost trimmed down health insurance. I have separately heard from three insurers that already have lower cost products pending state approval.
  5. The attorney for the company that I refer to most often is already investigating the legal possibility of short-term and limited benefit medical insurance by New Jersey residents across state lines. There are already at least some limited means for doing so. It is not clear whether the president’s order will expand those options. In the meanwhile, I will work on a one-on-one basis with any individual who needs a short-term medical solution.
  6. The Trump order is expected to increase health insurance rates for those in the state who remain on traditional insurance plans rather than opt for the new trimmed-down association and other new coverage plans.

 I anticipate publishing similar blog posts summarizing the current alternative health insurance market situation for other states soon.


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