Trump v. Vance Supreme Court case preview

Our matter-of-survival national crisis aside, this is an interesting legal case for Constitutional law hobbyists like me. To be clear, I blog on Supreme Court cases from time to time here as an interested hobbyist, not as an adviser and not meant to imply any level of expertise.

Accounting Today did a great job of outlining the case already; no need to rehash it here. I’m not aware of any persuasive argument that will change the legal outcome. We can presume that supporters will make public statements in favor of Trump in this case, but they won’t be based on sound case law or legal principles.

I predict the Supreme Court will decline to hear the case and I don’t think that Justices are above putting the reputation of the Court on a higher level or priority than case law and other guiding principles.

Thinking ahead: Trump will perceive this as a Supreme Court loss despite his belief that he “packed the bench” with loyalists. Will anyone be able to dissuade him from lashing out the court? If he does, it will hurt him overall but rile up ‘the base’ and further divide the nation.

The release of Trump’s tax returns will almost certainly hasten his demise.


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