Ways to improve response to email

This blog post was written after a week where I felt that responses to my warm emails (people I know or at least am a ‘contact’) and online messages. The tips are compiled from multiple sources.

  1. Use numbers.
  2. Keep it short.
  3. Use bullet points
  4. Use the word “because”
  5. Speak to value
  6. Make a clear ask
  7. Offer to take if offline
  8. Avoid these phrases:
    1. “Checking in”
    2. “Touching base”
    3. “Following up”
  9. Use good subject lines:
    1. “Question about your blog post on LinkedIn”
    2. “Meeting information for Monday, 1/8”
    3. “New data: 50% of e-filers get a refund within 3 weeks”
    4. avoid asking questions
    5. keep it short
  10. Use this format:
    1. Opening greeting
    2. Reason for emailing
    3. Details
    4. Call-to-action
    5. Closing greeting


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