Why are these 23 Congressmen hiding Trump’s tax return?

Today’s news of the Republican campaign team’s many contacts with Russian government during the hacking of the presidential election combined with the news of a Russian spy ship spotted collecting intelligence off the coast of New Jersey today obviously raises many national security concerns. Congress promises to investigate. A simple starting point would be an examination of Trump’s tax returns for Russian connections. Intelligence officials say they have more damaging information but that they distrust the president. Congress has the right to obtain the tax records that are held by the Internal Revenue Service. The action for this request has been filed but ran into a Republican roadblock today.

Today 23 of Republican Congressman voted to not request that Congress see Donald Trump’s tax return even in light of his connection to the suspicious and unusual behavior to defend and protect his relationship with Russia. Most Americans indicate that they do think this information should be made public. All Democratic Congressmen voted to request the tax records. Only the 23 representatives listed below blocked the inquiry:




David Schweikert -Arizona
Devin Nunes -California
Carlos Curbelo -Florida
Vern Buchanan -Florida
Peter Roskam -Illinois
Jackie Walorski -Indiana
Pat Tiberi -Ohio
Jim Renacci -Ohio
Mike Kelly -Pennsylvania @MikeKellyPA
Pat Meehan -Pennsylvania @RepMeehan
Tom Rice -South Carolina
Kristi Noem -South Dakota
Diane Black -Tennessee
Kenny Marchant -Texas
Kevin Brady -Texas
Sam Johnson -Texas
Dave Reichert -Washington
Lynn Jenkins -Kansas
Erik Paulsen -Minnesota
Jason Smith -Missouri
Adrian Smith -Nebraska
Tom Reed -New York
George Holding -North Carolina

We do not know why these 23 Congressmen are acting in concert with the White House to block efforts for transparency during this national security crisis. These 23 representatives might be acting simply on political party loyalty or it could be as serious as collusion to commit treason. We do not know what influence the administration has on these 12 Representatives. We know that Americans want to get the the truth of the Russian national security crisis and that these 23 Congressional Representatives are blocking that path.

If you are represented by one of these 23 Congressional representative, please contact them and ask why they are refusing to address your concern over the president’s undisclosed financial interests outside of our country.


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