Occasionally I am asked why I use and endorse QuickBooks Online small business accounting platform. There are at least six ways to answer that question:

  1. Market share. QuickBooks. is the #1 most popular platform used by 4.3 million small businesses. There is strength in numbers. Support resources and integrations are limitless.
  2. It isn’t what you think. A small business accounting platform isn’t what it used to be. Intuit’s QuickBooks understands that. In reality QuickBooks Online is primarily a flexible host platform for other tools and technologies.
  3. Cost. QuickBooks is the most affordable complete small business accounting platforms when purchased through a ProAdvisor’s wholesale account. Most small businesses are cost-conscious. In many cases the price is only $5 per month when billed with another services agreement.
  4. Easy. It is easy to set up and set on auto-pilot with bank account integration to get started. There are plenty of training resources as needed.
  5. Expertise. I have decades of experience with it including QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification.
  6. Features. The specific features and advantages. Intuit describes them as:
    • Access data easily across multiple platforms, PC or Mac, browser or tablet
    • Mobile access included with QuickBooks Online subscriptions at no additional cost
    • No need to transfer data files since everyone logs in to the same account to access the same data
    • All the data is hosted, backed up and secured by Intuit’s servers
    • Automatically create invoices and send them to clients, including delayed customer charges for unbilled time and costs
    • Post to multiple accounts receivable and accounts payable lines in a single journal entry
    • Track inventory using the first in, first out (FIFO) method (the only desktop edition that offers FIFO is Enterprise with Advanced Inventory)
    • Track logins, third-party activity and list changes in the Audit Log
    • Reports can be emailed to anyone at a scheduled frequency, even if they do not have access to this QuickBooks Online company file
    • Further organize data with both class and location tracking; labels can be selected for locations (such as property, store, territory, etc.)
    • Bank transactions are automatically downloaded nightly
    • Invite unlimited “reports only” and “time tracking only” users
    • Sync third-party apps to QuickBooks Online without opening the QuickBooks Online company, since the apps sync to Intuit’s always-accessible server; no downloading and managing third-party sync engines
    • Continuously developing with new functionality to QuickBooks Online (no need to install new versions of QuickBooks Online as you always get the latest and the greatest with new features that users are requesting).



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