Most of us share the same basic financial goals. We want to bring in more, pay out less, stay safe, avoid unnecessary risks and use our financial success to enjoy more of life.

Yet we often notice that the financial tools and strategies that worked in the past are far less effective today. Entering a stable career, making prudent decisions and saving money over a lifetime is no longer a reliable path to success as it was in our parents’ generation.  There is no longer a level playing field for middle class Americans. We are not achieving the financial results we expected. Taxes, insurance and other costs are too high; our savings rate and return on investment are too low. The probability of a financial life-altering event is greater than ever.

Eventually we conclude that simply following the same financial footsteps as our parents’ generation will not likely lead to financial success today. We must now take a fresh look at what is possible for each of us is often the first step toward a more successful financial future.

Fearless girl sculpture installed on Wall Street by State Street Global Advisors in March 2017 captures the national sentiment toward the old establishment practices.

If this describes your thinking, I would welcome a conversation about restoring values-driven financial performance to your financial planning and management.

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