Blogging that doesn’t work

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Accountant blogging doesn’t bring new clients but is useful for other reasons. We often read that business blogs are supposed to help with business marketing. They can build brand identity, familiarity, goodwill, and confidence. My marketing adviser calls this the “know, like, trust factor”. But read more and you’ll learn that technical advice blogs provided […]

Pass through income exclusion for rental properties

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If you own investment real estate, maybe your taxes will be lower, or maybe not. One of the most uncertain issues of 2018 tax reporting was clarified today by IRS Notice 2019-7. This notice provides a safe harbor for determination of when a rental property is a business that qualifies for the 20% exclusion from […]

2019 in employee benefits: by the numbers

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These are the numbers we commonly use in planning this year’s tax free employee benefits: 401(k) pre-tax contribution limits = $19,000 401(k) catch-up contribution limit = $6,000 IRA contribution limits = $6,000 Annual Health Savings Account contribution limit for individuals = $3,500 Health Savings Account contribution limit for family coverage = $7,000 High Deductible Health […]

Tax fraud case with the highest implications

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A high profile multi-million dollar international tax fraud case (Unites States vs. Natalia Veselnitskaya 18 CRIM 904)  took a dark turn last week then a sealed indictment by federal prosecutors was revealed to the public. To be clear, this tax fraud case does not involve anyone in U.S. government. Yet this case brought special attention because […] Expert Certification

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Accounting, Banking, Computers and Internet is a market-leading software that automates tedious tasks, gets you paid faster electronically, and integrates with your accounting software to fit your workflow. I started using it last year and passed the expert certification program today. For a demonstration of how this technology can save time and money for your firm throughout the year and […]

Enough with the immigration lies

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Introduction: My background with immigration is working with construction, agricultural and fisheries businesses in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania that use immigrants for the majority of their work force. I know dozens of these workers who came here legally on work visas and are still waiting for their extension paperwork. Ironically, some of them […]

2019 Tax Planning and Support Tools Available

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Through our 2019 license agreement with CFS Software, we offer a large number of support forms and estimated tax calculators. If you would benefit from a demonstration of the powers of any of these functions or planning calculations, please let us know. General Utilities and Retirement Calculations: 5 Year Federal/State Tax Planner After-Tax Loan Refinance […]