beliefs about government

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We have become so accustomed to government’s procedural difficulties that it is actually newsworthy when the process works as intended. We experienced this last week when our township was presented with a check for $543,500 to fix the road and seawall in front of my house. I had been working on this since 2003 and joined with several neighbors in […]


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"Memory can be a tricky companion at times, especially with the accident, and I would not be too surprised, in spite of our concerted effort toward accuracy, if some factual errors and faulty rememberences are reflected in these pages. They are not intentional." foreward of "The Shack" by William Paul Young


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On this special day of Josh’s confirmation at Main Line Reform Temple, the theme of the service was memories and remembering. Many of the speeches by the 33 confirmants eloquently expanded on this theme. The following passage from the prayer book left a strong message. We remember the ones we have loved who are no more.We love […]