Reading notes for “Storms of My Grandchildren”

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“Storms of My Grandchildren” is a book that needs to be rewritten. Climate change may be the most important and most complex issue that our generation may need to grasp and James Hansen is the clear authority on the subject. That makes it particularly regrettable that this is only the second book reviewed this year that I do not have overwhelmingly […]

Spin on “junk health insurance”

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My writing this week illustrated the power of language in the most simple and classic form. I know when I’ve hit a nerve because of the number of complaints generated; it is an unfortunate fact in the political world that those who cannot directly combat free speech will attack through another means. By that measure, a sudden wave […]

book review: Reading Notes for “The End of The Line”

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“The End of the Line: How Overfishing is Changing the World and What We Eat” by Charles Clover 2006 University of California Press –        read October 2010 The Problem 75% of world’s fisheries are fully exploited, over-exploited or depleted. Demand continues to grow sharply. Commercial fisheries use modern “fish-killing machines”  (p 42); technology creep increases […]