A shift in social media propaganda

Something amazing happened in social media this week.

For months I’ve ranted about the string of outrageous lies published by a small group of Republican online propaganda generators that were picked up and parroted by some lawmakers and GOP groups. Each time I read something outrageous I asked myself “How can they get away with saying this BS?” No matter what your political stance, all of us recognize that there is a difference between matters of opinion and outright lies. Clearly this tax reform propaganda crossed the line into promoting outright lies.

What happened this week was that every time a person or group posted a bit propaganda on Twitter, dozens or hundreds of people responded to call it “BS”! These online result paralleled local meeting results. When Republican leaders hosed town hall meetings this week, an overwhelming majority of citizens showed up to oppose Congressional tax reform proposal. The publishers of that propaganda must have realized that their campaign was backfiring and so they stopped generating online content this week.

That’s about all I know and this blog post is based solely on personal observation. I hope that an investigative reporter digs deeper into the story.


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