Say thanks more often in business

The excerpt below comes from a post on social media by a business mentor. I realize that I don’t say thanks often enough. It’s not that I’m not appreciative but rather that I’m not communicative enough on things that I consider emotional or fluffy. In other words, for me it’s a ‘guy thing’. This works against me and my relationships will benefit by making a deliberate effort to say thank you more often using this guide:

…Thanks for meeting/talking with me.

…Thanks for that referral! It worked out great!

…Thanks for that referral! It didn’t work out, but I appreciate that you thought of me!

—Thanks for that introduction! We’re going to work together!

…Thanks for that introduction! We haven’t figured it out yet, but I appreciate that you thought of me!

…Thanks for sharing my post.

…Thanks for telling me about that resource – it will really help my business.

…Thanks for coming to my event

….Thanks for supporting my cause.

…Thanks for commenting and engaging on my social media.

…Thanks for sending me that info – my client can really use it.

Thanks for all the good advice Sara!


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