Ehealth continues to lead the insurance enrollment market but in the wrong direction

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Ehealth (EHTH) is in the news again since my last blog post on this company on January 5. The company announced losses  in the range of $(0.13) to $(0.04), per diluted share compared to earlier expectation of non-GAAP net income of $0.30 to $0.43 per diluted share. Even more telling is that the stock price fluctuated from $8.88-$63.32 […]

How to choose a financial adviser

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This blog post is revised from an article that I originally published in 2006 and is reproduced at At that time I operated as an independent Registered Investment Adviser. Since then, I’ve simplified and automated investment client advisory functions to the point where I presume that separate RIA registration is not required. Now, as […]

Investment custodian vs. broker/dealer (revisited)

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Years ago I wrote a short Q&A format newspaper column, reproduced here, on the topic of  an investment broker/dealer vs. custodian. The topic continues to receive attention today and I presume that the underlying consumer question focuses on safety of investment holdings. Recent inquiries caused me to wonder whether there is an easier and perhaps more […]