Propaganda 101

Follow these three simple rules to maximize the effectiveness of your propaganda message:

  1. Craft a message that people want to hear. This is most important; far more important than telling the truth. Make it about growth and prosperity, patriotism and glory. Never succumb to the less optimistic assessment of the better educated or scientific community. Stick to the script as written; use a teleprompter if necessary to keep your true character from coming through.
  2. Bypass the press. Traditional news outlets are too critical and ask far too many questions. Use social media to get your message directly to followers. Fortunately there are enough powerful fake news outlets that your message will be picked up with at least the same voracity as a real story.
  3. Avoid criticism. Turn off comments from your YouTube posts. Threaten to sue news agencies that publish opposing positions. Hurl insults at your critics. Cut funding for liberal artists. Be assured that your followers will continue with the effort, threatening and initiating violent attacks against those who defy the message.


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