“Putting America First”

This week the president-elect said “My agenda will be based on a simple core principle, putting America first”. Perhaps no single sentence could state so succinctly what is wrong with Trump’s thinking.  This strategy may have worked well in building a real estate empire but it is just as likely to lead to disaster, tragedy, terrorism, war and more forms of extremism and violence worldwide if employed by the U.S. on the world stage.

Most of us learned the downsides and limitations of a “me first” strategy somewhere around kindergarten age. Apparently some, including Trump, did not. Trump’s twisted concept of putting America’s interests in front of the interests of the people on the rest of the planet, considering the interests of all global citizens equally, as well as the sustainability of the planet is unethical, bigoted, greedy and shortsighted.

This is not an another TV episode or another golf club deal. The fate of the humanity is at stake. Isolationism and nationalism is the WRONG approach. Mr. Trump needs to set aside his “me first” approach and learn the skills of stewardship of our national assets as part of the integrated global economic and political systems.

I am one humble and relatively powerless individual citizen. Yet I will continue to scream as loudly as I can and oppose this discriminatory U.S. agenda with all my might.


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