Break free from Philadelphia tax notices

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If you have no tax filing obligation with the City of Philadelphia but they continue to send your business the filing requirement notices anyway then you need to file a “Change Form“. In some cases you might even need to file the form a couple of times. The trigger for a tax filing is a […]

Philly: “This is not a normal election”

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This post is not meant to express an opinion on any of the local issues here in Philadelphia or express support or criticism any candidate. The fact is that I don’t know much about criminal justice and I don’t know any of the candidates in the DA race. This writing simply expresses my fear of […]

CPA Tax Rates for 2015

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Until now, I have used negotiated flat fees for all accounting services – including tax services – under an approach commonly called “value pricing”. These fees should have some reasonable basis and market rate or competitive pricing may be one input into this basis of pricing. We presume that there is social value in having consumers […]