Web traffic trends at TonyNovak.com

This is the mid-month report of all organic web traffic data for the 30 days ending 11/15/2015. TonyNovak.com is the largest single source of traffic but other sites and blogs contribute including those under the name Freedom Benefits.

Number of visitors

My total web user traffic including the web sites and blogs is 150-200 on weekends and 300-500 on weekdays. (The web site traffic monitor services I use are Sitemeter, Google Analytics and WordPress. Sitemeter and Google Analytics do not integrate with the WordPress blog traffic monitor so I make an arbitrary assumption that 50% of the traffic is overlap hitting both counters and so I my traffic reports are calculated on this adjusted basis).

Web Traffic trend

This level of user traffic has been stable for several years despite my efforts to boost traffic though more relevant and actionable content. It is puzzling that despite investment of time in improved and more relevant content for a broad-based audience traffic has not increased.

The most encouraging trend is that page views on my own websites have increased over the past 30 days indicating that visitors are looking at more content and/or I have fewer “bounces” after viewing a single page. The rolling average (this form of measurement converts the weekend/weekday variance into a smooth  sine wave to indicate the longer term trend) daily page views increased from about 430 per day to over 500 per day. This finding is significant and is consistent with the observation below related to changing source of traffic.

page views


Throughout most of my online history Google organic search was the primary source of traffic but recent indications are that social media “click-through” from my posts on Facebook, NJCPA, Google+ and LinkedIn is a growing source of traffic that now contributes 15% to 20% of overall traffic. None of this traffic is purchased although I do use paid traffic promotions through social media accounts for unrelated web sites that are not included in this report.

Conversion rate

The “conversion rate” of visitors to any type of personal action (call, chat, email, web form inquiry) is about 1 in 100 but revenue-producing conversions are less than 1 in 1000.

About 1 in 15 visitors to an insurance-related web page request quotes but among these less than 1 in 100 actually purchases a policy that is reported as revenue.

My overall conclusion remains that I am better-skilled at drawing web traffic than using it.


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