The ‘Trump effect’ on the tax shelter industry

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Tax planners and tax shelter promoters are finding a new wave of prospective client inquiries this year and the market shift has been dubbed “Trump effect”. Basically, people want to know how to pay no tax like Trump and the ultra-rich friends that they might have heard about. They typically have some incomplete notion about […]

Verizon Wireless vs T-Mobile cellular data

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I’ve wrestled with the exploding cost of cellular data costs for my home and small business use. I’m not doing anything different that would account for the increase in data use. In fact, over the past three years I’ve dramatically cut back on practical use of internet technologies – no more web cam, music services, or […]

Preparing for an audit of your nonprofit organization

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Most nonprofit organizations are required to present an annual audit, review or compilation report prepared by an independent accountant. The requirement might be incorporated into the organization’s bylaws or might be required by a government agency or funding organization. The cost of an accounting procedure is substantial and depends on many factors. For discussion purposes […]

Thinking about changing accountants?

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The decision to change accountants often comes as the result of pain experienced. It is important to explore this experience so that we can learn from it and make improvements for the future. Author Rob Nixon suggests that we ask the following questions and then find a way to turn the negative comments into positives in […]

I cancelled pre-election tax planning offers

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Tax planning has always been a larger part of my practice than tax return preparation. That means that this is my busy season. I offered a number of fixed fee tax consultations under assumptions that the 2017 tax code will be basically the same as this current year. Now that seems unlikely. There are suddenly hundreds […]

Pennsylvania charity registration and audit requirements

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The requirement of a Pennsylvania charity to register and submit an CPA attestation depends on a number of factors including the amount of “receipts”, “contributions” or “solicitations”. All three of these terms are used in the applicable code sections. Today I received email confirmation from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue that, for this purpose, “receipts”, “contributions” […]

How to invite me to view your QuickBooks Online accounts

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Log into QuickBooks Online as either the Master Administrator or Company Administrator. Click on the gear icon, located in the top-right corner. Within the Your Company section, click Manage Users. From within the Manage Users page, click the Invite Accountant button. In the mini interview that appears, enter email address into the Accountant’s email […]

It could get worse

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Please America – regardless of your beliefs or political affiliations – let’s agree that Stephen Bannon has published more hateful, divisive, racist, antisemitic and otherwise controversial material than any other person* in national headlines in recent years. *Except perhaps, as my friend suggests, Alex Jones. But fortunately Jones is not expected to be working in the […]

I am the storm

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The devil whispered in my ear, ‘You are not strong enough to withstand the storm.’ Today I whispered in the devil’s ear, ‘I am the storm.’ I am fascinated with this verse that does not appear to have any known origin but has enjoyed enormous online popularity over the past six months, now entering an explosion of […]