Crowdfunding article bibliography

who ya gonna callAre you a small business owner thinking about crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding issues have become an increasingly frequent part of my day-to-day discussions with small businesses – both for profit and nonprofit – and the investors who finance them. Many of my recent blog posts reflect this trend. Most of these blog posts focus on very basic concepts of small business and nonprofit management. Experience is still lacking since crowdfunding is still in its infancy.

I welcome the opportunity to hear about your business crowdfunding plans and experience.

Another risk for crowdfunded products

Small business equity crowdfunding video

Evaluating the risks and rewards of small business crowdfunding

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Update on crowdfunding legislation for July 2016

US playing catch-up in small business crowdfunding

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Taxation of crowdfunded transactions

Crowdfunding for agriculture and aquaculture

Crowdfunded debt rating confirmed for investors

“Could crowdfunding be the next big investment scandal?”

Crowdfunding data on small business equity financings

Delaware passes crowdfunding law

State lawmakers tinker with crowdfunding: helping or hurting?

“Is Crowdfunding a Mirage or an Oasis?”

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Fraud in crowdfunding

The problem with crowdfunding

Issuer requirements for equity crowdfunding

The demand for alternative investments

Seven alternate sources of small business funding

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