Security enhancements during tax season

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Avoiding the usual scams: Tax-related scams this year have risen to a level I’ve not experienced before in more than 4 decades of practice. Tax preparers are among the most targeted group. The defenses tend to require low tech personal attention. EMAIL – We observe that most (I read 85%) of scams begin with email. […]

New Jersey election violations cost nine candidates $42,797

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Today the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) announced that nine municipal government candidates, one county clerk candidate, one freeholder candidate, and one state assembly candidates must pay fines and fees totaling $42,797 for violating the Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Reporting Act. My job as a NJ certified election campaign treasurer is to help […]

QuickBooks Payments Drops PayPal

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Beginning next month, PayPal will no longer be available as a payment method when paying an invoice through QuickBooks Payments. This is significant to me (and many other small businesses) because I do most of my invoicing through QuickBooks Payments and make most of my payments through PayPal. Suggestions for other options? We will review […]

Withdrawal of universal support for QuickBooks Online

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We all know that business and technology are in a constant state of change. Certainly the small business accounting industry has seen plenty of change in recent years. After years of supporting the transition of private businesses and nonprofits’ accounting platform to QuickBooks Online as the core technology platform, I am withdrawing that universal endorsement. […]

My unlikely ramble into national politics

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A reflection on my unlikely journey from neighborhood flood response to construction techniques to national politics. Before 2016 I was not personally active in politics. Yet as a small business owner I financially supported a number of candidates in both parties, typically in small dollar amounts from $250 to $500 per campaign over several decades. […]

Income tax preparation services for 2019 returns

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CPA tax preparation services completed the easy, affordable and efficient way! This post covers: Why use a CPA Timing Pricing Communication How to Get started Certified Public Accountants in private practice, like me, offer a high level of service for the preparation and filing of annual income tax returns. We handle a small number of […]

Big tax savings for New Jersey small businesses

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Today New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed into law the Pass-Through Business Alternative Income Tax Act. This new law allows flow-through businesses in New Jersey to elect to pay income taxes at the entity level instead of at the personal income tax level. Since there is no limit on deductions on the federal level for […]