Health plans for New Jersey Farmers

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This is a pre-publication draft of an article intended for print media. New Jersey’s farmers have it tough when it comes to negotiating a path through health care reform. New Jersey insurance markets have been expensive, compared to other states, since the 1990s.  Health plans for self-employed people provide in-network care only and this can […]

Financial planning under health care reform

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The health care news from Washington DC was disheartening this week. Key Republicans are bashing the president for his lack of understanding of basic health care concepts. One Republican Senator reportedly called the president “clueless” after a one-on-one meeting. Meanwhile the president touts himself as a health care policy expert. For the est of us, […]

Did the Republicans really win the health care reform battle?

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A strong case can be made that the Republicans have already essentially accomplished much their agenda with regard to health care reform. If we look at what is really happening on ‘Main Street’ and not in DC and ignoring how the law is supposed to work we see: No enforcement against businesses for ACA requirements […]

Small business Health Reimbursement Arrangement setup and support services

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I offer three levels of service for self-directed small business Health Reimbursement Arrangements. This applies to either of the two types of HRAs available to small firms in 2017. BASIC SETUP: For a basic fee of $150: Design of an HRA plan through an in-person interview answer questions by the employer and accountant Recommend sample documents for […]

Small Business HRA for 2017

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Note added after first publication: The deadline for starting a HRA for retroactive tax treatment is March 30, 2017. HRAs can be started any time for expenses in the future.‏ The most significant tax change affecting small businesses in 2017 is the liberalization of certain types of Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) under the American Cures Act enacted in December 2016. […]

Health care planning for small businesses: 2017

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This commentary is based on the February 10 draft outline of the Republican health plan that has not yet been presented to Congress. Of course we expect details to evolve. For fast immediate solutions during the transition period, see my post “Alternatives to Obamacare“. If you operate a small business then proposed changes to health care legislation […]

Save money on small business payroll processing by removing bundled fees

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A no-load approach to small business payroll In the “old days”, small business payroll services were priced based on a formula that was a bit complex. Factors like frequency of payroll, number of employees, type of pay, benefits, and local taxes all factored into the cost. Year-end ad ancillary services were typically priced separately. To me, […]