LinkedIn ProFinder to market low cost tax services

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updated April 5, 2017 I tested a new marketing tool using LinkedIn ProFinder to promote my low-cost online tax filing service. This blog post explains my project and hopefully serves as a basis for further marketing discussion among peers and advisers. This post documents the process I used to develop and test the online lead generation […]

Keep the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Independent

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In 2008 the United States suffered a previously unimaginable financial blow stemming from negligence, scandal and fraud at multiple levels of banking, Wall Street investment firms and government. We suffered but survived it by coming together, accepting the major financial setback to our lives, and taking steps to ensure that it did not happen again. One […]

QuickBooks Self-Employed vs QuickBooks Online Premier

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Intuit QuickBooks is the leading small business accounting software. There are many versions of the product available and even more earlier versions still in use. I support only two versions: QuickBooks Self-Employed and QuickBooks Online Premier and I recommend that most businesses move to one of these two versions. Both cost $5 per month as the basic wholesale price through a […]

NJ Attorney / Law Firm Directory of CPAs

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The New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJCPA) is looking into putting together an online attorney/law firm directory accessible to Society members. CPAs often request attorney referrals on a peer-to-peer basis or from the Society staff members. A directory might help make this search process more efficient. I am often surprised by the difficulty […]

Petty Pennsylvania tax penalty

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Tax professionals seem to love sharing bizarre stories of the trade especially when the taxpayer or the government acts in some silly manner. I am no exception. Recently I settled a multi-year complex tax problem for a small business client in Pennsylvania. I figured that, as happened in this case, if I can negotiate a […]

Save money on small business payroll processing by removing bundled fees

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A no-load approach to small business payroll In the “old days”, small business payroll services were priced based on a formula that was a bit complex. Factors like frequency of payroll, number of employees, type of pay, benefits, and local taxes all factored into the cost. Year-end ad ancillary services were typically priced separately. To me, […]