The Tax Organizer Fallacy

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This is the time of the year when tax preparers sent their clients “Tax Organizers” with a note saying this is necessary to properly prepare your tax return. The Tax Organizer presumably makes the tax preparation process go more smoothly and minimizes omissions. The organizer is a multi-page document that can take hours to complete. […]

2018: The year for a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

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Summary: Closely held small businesses with middle-income employees may use a HRA to cover out-of-pocket medical costs as one of the easiest ways to cut 2018 taxes at minimal administrative and setup cost. (This is not a strategy for sole proprietors or partners). The brand new federal tax law increases the incentive for middle-income workers to […]

Accounting firm of the future

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The small business accountant of the future will not provide bookkeeping services but will help business owners set up their bookkeeping to operate mostly automatically. The small business accountant of the future will not prepare tax returns but will ensure that tax reporting is completed and submitted automatically. THE FUTURE IS NOW for small firms […]

Lawyers’ trust accounting in QuickBooks Online

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The procedure for setting up a lawyer’s trust account in QuickBooks Online (QBO) is similar to other version of QuickBooks or other brand accounting software. But since QBO is the newest and fastest growing platform, this post with modified instructions from Intuit details the process step by step. This blog post does not address the […]

Law firm trust accounting overview

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This post is meant for non-lawyers and people who want a general understanding of the topic. Lawyers should rely on more specific sources including their state bar associations. Rules vary by state and jurisdiction. These are just general principles. Client funds that are not earned legal fees must be kept in separate accounts and not commingled […]

Adjusting payroll taxes for 2018

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Once all the political commotion over tax reform settles, what most people care about is “Is my paycheck going up or down?” The problem is complicated by politicians promising a big tax cut on the television news and through social media channels while accountants warn that some people will likely pay more. The end result […]

The Paperless Office

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I began the move toward a paperless office more than 20 years ago. Back then I operated a 5 person inter-discipline office with technology dominated by cables running from one machine to another. I was the the firm owner as well as the ‘technology guy’ by virtue of my early adoption of PC technologies1. By […]

Facebook Live: “30 Minutes to Faster, Easier, Cheaper Small Business Accounting”

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Look for online announcements of upcoming presentations. I will be hosting a series of free, short, fast-paced online programs for small business owners, self-employed folks and part-time freelancers. The intent is to help us prepare to save time and money on tax accounting in 2018. It will be Facebook Live presentation with the ability to […]

Tax preparers consider expanding small business services

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Now more than ever before, tax preparers are considering expanding their practice into small business services. We expect the number of self-employed people will continue to rise. They require assistance with a wider range of business support services than traditional individual tax clients. The market for these services is evolving at a rapid pace. Integrated […]

Business Planning for 2018

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As we begin this month of December 2017, it now seems clear that business taxes will be substantially different and more complicated in 2018. We can also be safe in saying that, for most businesses, nothing else will have as much impact on the net financial results of the business as this change in tax […]