Alternatives to Obamacare

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What are consumers doing right now? I had a great telephone conversation with an experienced health insurance executive today. We talked about the hottest topic in the insurance industry: consumer alternatives to Obamacare. I mentioned that I’ve noticed increased consumer demand for products like Core Health Insurance that do not meet Obamacare standards. We discussed that: […]

Personal health data on blood pressure

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Each of us has access to plenty of medical information. Yet I still find it difficult to sift through the mass of medical data to find the most relevant information to help manage my own health. I conclude that sometimes the best data is that which you collect yourself. Over the past month I’ve intensified data collection about […]

Three things that would make today a success

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I read an online article about a successful executive who had the daily habit each morning of writing himself a note on the topic ‘three things that will make today a success’ and carrying that note in his pocket throughout the day. It sounds like a great idea. I tried a similar version by putting […]

I’m grateful for a good personal physician relationship

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I had a routine annual physical exam recently. My personal physician of more than 30 years spent more than an hour doing various tests and chatting while we caught up and discussed a wide range of topics related to my health. Due to my temporary absence from the local area and other life situation oddities, […]

Self-employed dental insurance

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Most self-employed people have medical insurance but relatively few have dental insurance. Medical insurance is required by law but dental insurance is not. In the past, small business health insurance plans often included dental insurance as an option. These plans were eliminated by the Affordable Care Act. Even just a few years into implementation of […]

Are we focused on the wrong highway safety issues?

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Lately all of our public attention on highway safety seems to be focused on the issue of distracted driving, specifically smartphone use while driving. Yet the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s data indicates that other driver behaviors like speeding, intoxication, drifting, running intersections are seven times more likely to get you killed than distracted driving. […]

The sorry state of small business employee benefits

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Why are small business employee benefit plans such a mess? This introductory explanation is offered by professional education provider CEU: “The vast majority of jobs in the United States are created by small companies that have fewer than two hundred employees. That market segment is the focus of this course, those small companies that are […]