How to cope with out-of-network medical providers

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A friend asked a question about coverage with Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. This is not a carrier I run into often in the areas I work but it is a major insurance in the region. A description of Highmark Blue Cross plans and 2018 rates is published online. The question was what to do when […]

The market for health insurance advice (revisited)

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Yesterday a peer in a closed online business discussion group asked me about the viability of health insurance advice and this triggered a recount of my prior experience in this field and a reexamination of my conclusion on the topic. There is actually quite a history behind my conclusion that health insurance advice is not […]

Friday October 13 nightmare delivered by the president

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Until now, The federal government provided financial help to working class people who earn too much to qualify for state Medicaid programs but earn too little to pay for the cost of health insurance. In this case the federal government pays 20% of the cost of coverage directly to insurers to cut premium costs. The president […]

Annotated Health Care Executive Order

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This is an annotated copy of the executive order signed by president Trump October 12, 2017 likely affecting the markets for short term medical insurance, limited benefit medical insurance, association health plans, out-of-state insurance purchase, telemedicine and uninsured health plans (Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Flexible Spending Accounts, Section 125 cafeteria benefit plans. Portions of the executive order […]

How can I save real money on health care?

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If you run a business, are self-employed or otherwise pay the full cost of your own health care expenses then you know that the price is too high. We are quickly approaching the point where one out of every five dollars of income will be spent on health care. This week the federal government took […]

The coming revolution in small business health plans

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The most dramatic change in small business health plans is expected be introduced by the Trump administration later this week. By relying on executive branch power rather than congressional lawmaking, the administration can effectively revolutionize small business health plans. How is this possible? Isn’t health insurance controlled by state law? Yes but the biggest deterrent […]

All Tweets are not created equal

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My top tweet @tonynovak this month got 60% of all impressions. the #2 had 15%, the next four most popular got about 5% each, leaving only 5% total for the many other tweets.  I see that cross-posting a popular tweet into other conversations boosts it further. The hot topic: health care reform of course. My […]

Shocking Legislative Scam Proposed by Senators; Endorsed by President

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Is is shocking and horrifying to read that 48 United States Republican Senators and the president of the United States have pledged their vote to a secret proposed legislative scam known as the ‘Graham-Cassidy bill’ that: They have not seen or read Is not available in written form for public review Can only be passed […]

Taxation of health insurance

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This article was originally published in 2003 and has been revised multiple times; most recently to reflect changes triggered by the American Cures Act of 2016. At the time of this latest revision, it appears possible that we may see still more last-minute tweaks in health insurance tax law for 2018. Until recently, the tax-favored […]